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Being able to share this version of creative expression that has helped me deal with life's transitions & challenges since 2007 is very rewarding while continuing to be personally cathartic.  I have been asked back to lead another workshop at Camp Widow, August 12-14, this time in an expanded writing intensive session on Friday.

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The Planet Cancer book (2010)
Planet Cancer: The Frequently Bizarre Yet Always Informative Experiences and Thoughts of Your Fellow Natives

The Writing Experience

I wrote the lower piece to the right (starting "I am from a past...") exactly one week after my husband of 11 years died. My wonderful friend, Jan, had been inviting me for years to participate in writing groups through Sutterwriters.  Mike died on a Tuesday, which was usually his regular clinic day, and when I had the opportunity to write with this amazing group on the following Tuesday, I took it.  I am so glad I did because the writers, the method, and the pen-n-paper have been such a powerful healing presence in my life, especially in the first two years.

I still write regularly in (and out of) weekly groups and have facilitated a Writing as Healing group through UC Davis Cancer Center.  My hope is to introduce others, especially young adults affected by a cancer diagnosis, to this method of writing developed by Pat Schneider and the Amherst Writers & Artists. and have been trained by Pat herself in the AWA method!

Written Pieces

The Paperwork
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Hope is
miraculous. At
times when needed
most, it may be elusive or
when you think hope is
gone, it peeks
around the corner, giving a coy
wink, daring
The hide and seek continues,
not a game but real life and real death
when the difference of outcome may be influenced by
relentlessly searching for hope, grabbing
hold of it and not
letting go.
Sarah Wenstrand
5 November 2008
Written during one of Sharon Bray's monthly Writing Through Cancer sessions at Stanford.  She also hosts an amazing  online forum with weekly prompts if you are interested in writing but don't live nearby.


I am from a past,
a place with a pause on present and future.
This past I am from included you.
Those other times -- other times I can't even fathom to think of now,
yet catch myself yearning for -- a time unpaused.
Those other times,
they will be without you,
or at least without your body.
It's been a week on pause.
A week today.
And the only future I can picture right now is tonight
when I attempt to find a place to set your ashes.

Sarah Wenstrand-Moore
13 March 2007
(edited 6 March 2008 with Pat Schneider)
5 minute write
prompt: “I am from...” after Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon