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My late husband, Mike Moore, lived life with cancer and active treatment for over eleven years.  Since his death in 2007, I've transitioned my efforts to organizations that are addressing the critical issues Mike and I faced since his diagnosis in 1995.  Through those involvements, I've met amazingly strong people who've enriched my life immeasurably.  I'm not sure how sane some of them are, but they sure are fun!

I've also been fortunate to expand my participation by volunteering photography for events.  And, did I mention my love of travel, especially in combination with any of the above-mentioned topics?  A good 'ole 2-fer!

Sarah Wenstrand is...

a young adult, photographer, surviving spouse, writer, reader, prior vegan, aspiring raw-foodist, wanna-be world traveler, Coke Slurpee addict, and realist-optimist.  She combines her background in art, experience as a medical advocate, and creative pursuits to engage in rewarding professional and charitable projects.

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Camp Widow 2011

I'll be at Camp Widow August 12-14, 2011 in San Diego and presenting the writing intensive workshop Friday afternoon from 2:30 - 5pm.
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